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I am dressed to perfection… Hunk in a Shirt & Tie.

I own a small gym and I am desperate for someone to be my SLAVE forever, to multiple my army

innocent Joseph, who aspires to have a physique like mine, I immediately sense something about him, I KNOW he’s the one i’ve been looking for

the heat is BLARING and I’m noticeably sweating through my shirt..

Joseph is excited the AC is broken as the suggestion to take our shirts comes out…

I strip to my comfy wife beater and the heat driven sweat is getting us both more intense but Joseph gets delirious + weak…

The smell of my ripe PITS control Joseph, I force him into a chair, tie him up before I forcefully make him endure a face full of the ripest most wet smelly pits i’ve ever had, forced to lick them dry.

I talk to Joseph grooming him to be my number two, I face him and let him know he will be BETTER off as my slave.

It gets sexual as Joseph licks a bead of sweat down my rippled neck, abs to the grand prize, my muscle cock.

I make sure Joseph swallows it as the partnership between Master & Slave can be complete,with worship & admiration in his eyes I allow Joseph to cum himself and to this ritual we are bonded Master & Slave…