Please Get My Next Protein Shake


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I like it Chocolate Flavoured 🙂

The importance of the post workout shake I cant stress enough due to the hormone mTOR

we need to signal mTOR post workout to begin our recovery – and this is done by introducing protein, we don't want fats at this point though so a protein isolate is always best to go..

Simple Carbs/Sugars are thrown into my PWO Shake too.. I Usually just go with Maltodextrin/Dextrose 50:50 Split

I Don't mind helping with these type of enquiries, my contact forms can be for nutrition advice too 🙂

Even a tiny help towards my post workout shake would mean SO much to me, It all adds up, and running my physique I can promise you – is not cheap.

Its like a well oiled Challenger Tank…

Apart from I'm fuelled by protein carbs and fats 😀