I demand respect, I am always the authority in any room I may be in.

So as it is me and you, you do as your told.

Whether I’m clothed or not clothed, whether my pits are on show, my cock is hidden. IT DOESNT MATTER.

I dominate, You Submit.

My seriously pumped up muscles are drenched in sexy baby oil as I tease you with my sexy abs…

I lift my arms above my head and just the SENT of my masculine pits are enough to drop you to your knees.

My armpits are such an easy tool for me to use to have you keeled over gasping for air, struggling to muster the strength to worship me.

I see that dick of yours SHOOT up against your pants… Get ready to tell me how fucking sexy I am and you will be REWARDED..

Time to empty that cock of yours into my hot masculine armpits…

Full Video 10:17 (Mins:Sec)