It’s been a while since Joseph has come to serve me, he has been a loyal slave for years now.

I thought i’d let him in on my other ALPHA experiences, about the male Roman I spotted in the gym I targeted next to become just like me, a muscle god like me.

I explain how it is POSSIBLE for an INFERIOR slave boy to improve in size, dimensions, power and muscle definition with nothing but my own cocktail of essence..

I invite Roman round, completely unknown he would be under my control in a matter of hours.

As Roman arrives, Joseph is thrown to the side, not before I give him a big kiss. As he has been a good boy.

Roman is sat down, stripped and humiliated before I explain my secret to becoming a MUSCLE GOD.

I pop my muscles, bicep after bicep.

I oil up and continue to parade around like the adonis god I am, just further weakening my newest slave.

My cocktail of cum.. sweat and every other juice my body can produce is forced upon the inferior male.

Even watching will just TURN you into an ALPHA male, that is the power of my cocktail essence, the secret is my sweaty hot cum.

Roman obeys my muscle, and my cum, and he is rewarded with muscle of his own.

Full Video 12:34 (Mins:Sec)