Checking out that mirror on the wall, feeling decadent large, VASCULAR & Hunk like..

I can’t help myself but enjoy this full width mirror which is just BEGGING me to love every inch of my own body…

Looking shredded, I explore, I flex I TAUNT you into my luxury hotel room by wiggling my body around..

You find out how you get me hard, how you begin with the end sight to get my load down your throat and up your chest

Worship my pecs, my abs and tell me how superior I am..

Lick my ass, Worship my ass and tell me how god damn sexy it is

Before you know it I am dripping wet pre cum dribbling out and I give you jerk off instructions how my cock really likes to be played

Watch me get animated as I use my own instructions to pleasure my big hard cock till I shoot straight through my fingers

One of the most intense orgasms possible, the amount of cum on me is ridiculous and you NEED to clean me up.. With your tongue

Full Video 11:07 (Mins:Sec)