Feeling fucking glorious and fantastic this brand new january unlike most other inferior males

Most are worrying about the winter weight but not a muscle god, I am wondering what muscle to show off the most

Just finished smashing my biceps in the gym I couldn’t tense any harder, the peaks of my biceps throwing everyone of there exercises.

I come home with such arrogance and fuelled by muscle I am ready to explode.

I worship parts of my body, lure you in through my hairy chest, hairy abs and MANLY fucking armpits.

All of it together I decide to REWARD You…

A perfect reward when you might have some january blues..

Forget it all, it doesn’t happen to muscle gods like me, I can be positive enough for the both of us..

Even touching my cock before it gets hard has my body shivering I am that excited to give you my load…

I know what you want and I give you it..

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