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Can you imagine having me turn up to fix your pipes? I’m the plumber, the fucking hot, muscled, hunky plumber that every customer drools over – doesn’t matter if they’re a guy or a girl, married or single, gay or straight!

It doesn’t matter that I’m a straight muscle man either, I’m that dedicated to my job that I’m willing to go the extra mile for a new client. If someone wants to worship at my altar who am I to turn them down?

The married man has the place to himself and his wife will have no idea what’s been happening while she’s out. I might start off totally professional, but when I know he’s checking out my muscles I can’t help but put on a show.

And oops, my shirt got all wet! I better take it off. He gets a good look, wants to feel my muscled body, grope my massive arms, feel my rippling abs as they lead down to my rock solid cock as it twitches and dribbles a stream of clear precum…

Just how far would a straight muscle man like me go to please a customer? Come and find out for yourselves, and maybe call me up the next time you need your pipes fixing!