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I’ve been left home alone, so the first thing I did is invite you round. Spend a bit of time with me 😉

My housemate moved out.. the whole apartment to myself, I love to walk around in the nude, and now I can!

So happy you have come round, as I get lonely… Now you can even have a little feel 😉

It doesn’t take me long to realise you are just as excited I am that I am home alone, with you.

I want you to get your dick out, I really want you to..

I just want to play with you, and I want you to play with me.. Lets make use of my empty house and go crazy 😉

I even get a bit carried away.. and leave a hot sticky cum mess on my chest.

You make me feel SO good about my self, so ALPHA – no matter what.. My dick will not go down. I love it when we cum at the same time. Only great friends like us can be this comfortable 🙂