I was wanted in a premium, lovely wool jumped – with a tight shirt underneath

I am discrete under all this clothing, nobody can see what muscular power lies beneath, what kind of frame I can use to RIP out at ANY second.

Nothing lasts long in my hands when I want it destroyed but this really is too easy. Now you can see whats beneath;

As I prepare for my latest Photo shoot my body is in PRIME condition

My Pecs are shredded, striated, vascular and pumped.

My Biceps are peaked to a point like a mountain, ready and craving for muscle worship.

My Abs are so defined, all you will be able to imagine doing is licking it, sticking your face right up against my torso and running your lips up and down.

You will be in awe as I stand in front of you with an unimaginable frame, As I start to see the weakness in your eyes over my body, my face and my accent I start to get excited..

As the blood flows EVERYWHERE I just want you under my control, under my spell.. You will submit, you will cum.

Full Video 10:25 (Mins:Sec)