You are looking at one sexy alpha HUNK now gracing your screen.. I am feeling masculine, arrogant and I KNOW you love my body.

I know you love the way my body PUMPS up, the way the big veins SCREAM out for attention.

I’ve got a back to die for, but I want to give you the most up personal view possible while I tweak every inch for YOU.

My most muscular’s are pushed to the extreme, gritted teeth – loud intense groan as my power is barely held beneath my skin.

Look at the striations, thats what you call HOT! A REAL MANS SET OF GUNS!

You love a cocky dominating hunk, and this evening I am demanding that your cock be on high attention.

Watch my hips gyrate, my shredded abs amaze you.

Theres no way at all that our time together is ending any other way than how you have dreamt for years.

With our cock in our hands I want you to have the ultimate privilege and that is your cum on my fine muscular body..

Only a REAL muscle man can move like me, its not only about having the muscle its about being able to MOVE with it too 😉

My FUNCTIONAL muscle will wow you in ways you didn’t know you could be pleasured..

Full Video 10:09 (Mins:Sec)