Straight from the PITCH! Victorious from my recent game I was promised a GOOD looking after…

If I won you said, I’d get a treat.. 🙂 But its not surprising I won, i mean with guns like mine sticking out the top – don’t you think you’d be a bit distracted as my opposition? Eyes too busy looking into my bicep veins to see me dribbling past.

Body boiling hot straight from the match I return to my private quarters where you are waiting for me, ready to strip me from my football kit.

Underneath my tight football top is my hot abs, huge arm muscles + gigantic pecs, just racing to get out and be flaunted.

My cocky, sexy cheeky naughty smile is just a hint of how I won and how I always win.

We strip naked, before I explode allover my victorious football top – ready for you to claim as your very own trophy…

Full Video 10:58 (Mins:Sec)