After SMASHING my Delts in the gym, It got me wondering when i caught a few other gym goes staring – What do people really think of my BOULDER SHOULDERS?

Even before I started training my shoulders have been an exceptional part of my physique.

But as I’ve aged, I’ve grown.

Slabs of muscle CARVED onto an already gorgeous physique and you are presented with what your seeing right here.

When you train your smaller muscle groups in the gym (like your shoulders) It BURNS!

Lucky for you, I never stop. I NEVER Stop at the BURN! Because it just FUELS me to BURN MORE!

When I catch the guys staring at me in the gym, how do I respond? LIKE I FUCKING LOVE IT!

Popping a most muscular right in your face see my AGGRESSION, how much power I have ready to fire at a seconds request.

See the big dirty vascular veins running down my neck through my shoulders and my arms. As I enter the most muscular, these veins become scarily prominent.. And yet again – they are just a tool to get what I want…

All the talk of my sexy bulging boulder shoulders reminded me of something, I’ve had a big splash of cum on my pecs, on my biceps, on my abs and even on my cock itself.. But never a load on my shoulders..

Been as though its just me and you, do you mind giving me your cum?

My cocky verbal will entice you, but I get way too turned on way too quick as soon as I start to kiss my biceps, my shoulders.

I spit on my shoulders out of excitement as I imagine my fat cock dangling down the back of your throat.. It gets HOT… But we both get what we want 😉

10:18 (Mins:Sec)