Coiled Fist Update..Now to framework improving :D

Never satisfied with anything I am doing day job or muscle work πŸ˜‰ so even my muscle network website has to be the best, every spare second is continuos improvements.. my to do lists now have to do lists.

upload lined up for tomorrow night but then filming on saturday πŸ™‚ some awesome requests πŸ™‚


Eric gets taunted by my giant hands he enjoys watching me slowly open and close them making a fist so tight my bicep veins shoot through my skin

Eric watches how big and strong my hands are..

He gets into my palm and I slowly crush the life out of him by luring him in with the promise of the best massage of his life..

I continue the squeeze until I feel the squirming stop.. I smile as I have him in my tight fist… Unable to escape.

Finally I decide to swallow the remains to get rid of the evidence.

I describe the Vore as the bones and tiny remains are digested by my Adonis body

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