Let’s get one thing straight; training in the gym is tough! It’s not called “WORKING - out” for nothing! Some days it’s hard just even getting to the Iron Palace but if you have strength of mind as well as body, you get out, you go and you train! It’s one of the very few sports where the only person you really answer to is yourself and when success comes you can truly be proud [...]

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Being a bodybuilder involves so many things. Discipline, self-respect, clean eating and the constant quest for self-improvement in mind and body plus one other very important matter…GROWTH! I want to be the BIGGEST, the BEST and the STRONGEST I have ever been and I will do it! There’s one more quality that JOSHUA ARMSTRONG always relies on and that’s his DETERMINATION to smash all his goals! Check out my latest video and see for yourself [...]

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Peter’s Kinky Sportswear Wank

I play with my nipples, cover myself in oil before I demand he blows his load with me, we cum together & I can't help myself eating my juice ;) Full Video 13:02 (Mins:Sec)

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Massive PECS That Make You Hard

I use them as a tool, a tool of masculinity, a tool of an absolute alpha male. The master of tease becomes the master of domination by pectorals ultimately making YOU hard, ME HARD and YOU blow allover your inferior self...

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