Suck your muscle daddy

You guys know what it’s like, after a good session at the gym the first thing you need to do is rub one out. I’m always horny and needing to cum after a good session and my dick won’t go down until I’ve shot a load. Most of the time I get to it in the showers, I don’t care much if there’s someone there, a lot of the time they’ll watch and join in. Occasionally I have a hook up with someone ready to take my load so all I can think about is getting out of there to meet up.
Last month I got a bit of both.

This young lad has been checking me out for a while, he’s been too scared to come up and talk to me but I could see him watching. I eventually got the chance to show off properly for him, in the showers. He was a few feet away but it was just us and another guy who wasn’t paying attention while I stroked my dick and watched the lad’s cock spring up. He’s a good looking lad with a big dick, a toned body and the dedication needed to become an alpha in the future, but he was obviously new to the idea of muscle daddy worship.

After working him up with a wank show in the showers I signaled him to follow me out, wrote down my number and handed to him. For a couple of days I didn’t hear anything, then out of the blue, while I had another lad sucking my cock, he texted me and we made plans.

He was scared and I had to take it easy, but when I started showing off my massive body and let him feel my oiled up pecs he trackies were bulging out and his cock was solid. I told him to show me and he tugged them down, his foreskin wet and slid back, his balls hanging. I let him feel my hard cock for the first time and his dick jumped.

It was less about domination and more about him just admiring my muscle daddy body, appreciating my cock, feeling my dick sliding against his while I frotted our lengths together.

He was loving it so much. I spent the whole time telling him how I was like him once, how one day he could have a body like mine, how I could help him reach that goal. His dick was dripping, like mine, a constant stream of pre leaking out.
I let him taste my dick, sliding my cock and thrusting a little in and out of his mouth, and just as I was about to start cumming he moaned and I watched his dick firing off round after round of thick white cream, pumping from his shaft over the floor. That was it for me, my dick was unloading in his mouth. He gagged and spluttered, my cum gushing out around my dick and dripping down his chin, but he was still swallowing some of it.

I think he gonna be a good lad to have around. He’s still learning how to suck cock and worship a real muscle daddy like me, but he won’t find anyone better to teach him how things are done.

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