Subs prefer a smooth muscle man

I know a few of you guys have been involved in the competitive muscle circuit yourselves and you know what it can be like. Some of the venues we go to are real dumps, while others pull out all the stops to make us comfortable before we get out on stage to pose for the judges. There’s a lot of prep that goes on behind the scenes and you need a good space to do it.
Getting ready for a show is one of my favorite things. I’m usually the biggest guy there and all the other men can’t stop staring. I like to walk in looking rough and rugged with stubble and a week’s worth of hair all over my chest. They look at me like I’m mad, but when I get naked and start shaving my massive body they get it. Guys like that love a smooth muscle man, we love taking our time and giving other guys a good show too.

One of the best shows I’ve ever been to was at a hotel down south where they gave us the gym and showers to use. It was a big place, loads of competitors, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve walked into a big open shower room with twenty muscle guys (but none of them can really compete against me), and the occasional assistant, all soaping up, tanning, oiling and shaving.

I always get horny in situations like that, knowing all the other lads are staring, admiring my body, wishing they were as big and powerful as I am. It’s especially true of all the subs on the circuit, the big guys who secretly like to be controlled and thrown around, they’re always openly gawking at my cock and watching while I shave my ball sack and taint.
I’m shameless when it comes to things like that. I don’t care if I get hard in front of them, I’m usually not the first one and pretty soon dicks are stiff everywhere. You know what it’s like for guys like us; just the sight of a hard cock gets us rigid and wet. The mutual admiration that goes on between guys backstage while everyone is getting ready is never openly talked about, like guys getting hard in the gym showers with their mates and just pretending it didn’t happen, but you can feel the muscle lust in the room and see the evidence all around you.

Just before the first guys are about to head to the stage some of the competitors disappear, usually heading into a cubicle to rub one out so they’re not hard and popping out of their posing pouch. Sometimes you can hook up with a buddy and help each other out with those dicks before you get on stage. Everyone knows those two or three guys on the circuit who are really only there to service the other men when they get the chance.

For a smooth muscle man like me it’s not too hard to find someone to suck me off and swallow my load before I get on stage, it’s usually one of the other guy’s assistants.

Maybe I’ll tell you about one of those times soon?

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