My Alpha Male Cum Is His Reward

You’d be surprised how many random guys become mesmerised by my dick, and where. I was out shopping a couple of days ago and stopped in the pub down the road from my place to take a piss and after getting my cock out at the urinals this dude comes up and stands right next to me, checking out my meat out of the corner of his eye.

Guys try to be subtle about it, but I can always tell when they’re stealing a look at my dick in the gym or in the men’s room. I know why they do it. A lot of guys seem to think then when you’re a massive muscle God like me you must have a little pecker. I love the sense of deflation it gives them when they see my big cock and they’re reminded of how pathetic they are in comparison. They really want to find a flaw somewhere, but they never can.

So this guy checking me out in at the urinals caught me at an especially good time. I’d been edging that morning and my cock was constantly either rock had or semi all day. When he was stealing glimpses my dick was bigger than usual, thick and pink, almost stiff in my hand. I could see it was getting him hard too.

“Like what you see mate?” I said out of the blue, he tried to play it down and I could see the look of panic on his face. He wasn’t a little guy, probably considered an athlete, but he was no match for a massive man like me.

After he sputtered an excuse or two and tried to play it cool I gave my cock some shakes in his direction and told him “you can suck it of you like”.

He just looked at me and smirked like it was a joke. He soon worked out it wasn’t when I told him to follow me.

I didn’t need to persuade him, he was soon following me home, four feet behind me along the short distance.

His own 7-inch dick was already wet with precum and being gently stroked in his fist the second we got through my door. I ripped my shirt off to show him how big I really am, tugging my jeans down and pulling my meat out. I pushed him down and he wrapped his lips around my helmet.

I could tell he wasn’t used to sucking guys, he was clumsy. I slapped him around the face with my dick a couple of times, smearing juice and spit on his stubbled cheek, and told him that if he wanted my alpha male cum he needed to lick my balls, suck my tip, choke on my cock when I jab it in.

He tried to follow orders but he was a bit frantic, wanking himself off while he knelt there on the floor in front of me like an obedient servant, just how I like it.

He was pretty shit at sucking cock to be honest, but I knew it was his first time. I was gonna make him last a while and really make him gobble it but he started squirting cum all over my boots and jeans and when he looked up at me with spit and precum dripping down his chin I just let my load go.

You should have seen the look on his face when my alpha male cum started splashing out all over him. He was still milking the last of his load out of his cock while I was slapping my helmet against his creamed lips and making him suck the last of my jizz from my tip.

I literally kicked him out after that. I just opened the door and shoved him and he rolled back with his arse out. It was so funny, he stood up with his cock swinging and his face drenched with my load looking shocked.
Thing is, I know if I go back to the pub tomorrow at the same time he’ll be waiting to follow me home again.

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