Male Muscle Domination: Reversed & Controlled

I couldn’t believe it, it never happens to me, but I can kind of understand how it did. I’m always the one in total and complete control in a male muscle domination session with a new friend, but something happened and the scenario was flipped.

He’d been begging, pleading to come over and worship my massive body and for weeks I’d been denying him, knowing it would only make him more and more crazy. Every night he would send me a video or a pic of the massive cum load he shot from his thick 8-incher thinking about me. I knew I had him completely under my control already and I could get him to do anything I wanted.

It started when I sent a video back of my cock squirting and he promised that he would drink every drop of it when he finally had the chance to serve me.

I relented. The truth is I love having a slave suck and lick my cock for me for an hour in a long edging session, while they tell me constantly between slurps how amazing my body and cock is, how good my precum tastes, how they wish they were as powerful and dominant as I am.

I decided to build up a massive load for him and make him drink every drop. I wanted to see his mouth overflowing with my load.

This was a bad idea. For almost a week I didn’t jerk off, I didn’t let any of my worshipers stroke or suck my cum out in a session. When the time came for him to come over and deliver as he’d promised I was just about ready to cum in my jock strap before he even opened his mouth or got his cock out to stroke while he serviced me.

I managed to hold on, posing and flexing for him while he knelt on the floor and masturbated, begging to suck my cock. I got aggressive, insulted him, make him lick my feet, but ultimately all I wanted to do was fuck his mouth and flood him with cum.
I thought it was going well and I could contain myself, but after a little male muscle domination with him under my feet and obeying every instruction I revealed my cock and he grabbed it, sucking on the tip and almost instantly making my cock explode. I spewed so much jizz into his mouth it was overflowing, flooding out around my thick dick, dripping down his chin and neck.

His own cock was splashing too, ropes of hot white cream erupting out of his hooded helmet to decorate my naked feet.
After showing weakness like that I panicked. I’d given in, I’d let him dictate how it was going to go and it was all because I was too desperate to get that massive load out. After he gulped down as much of my cream as he could I tried to recover, making him lick our mess up wherever I found it.

I think it worked, I don’t think he realized that he’d gained control. When he left I made him walk to his car naked with his cock still hard.

Rest assured I’ll never let that happen in a male muscle domination session again, from now on I’m always going to be in control.

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