Chav Lad Gets A Lesson In Male Muscle Domination

He’s one of those fucking cocky little twats who walks around like he owns the place. I’ve seen him being an asshole to other lads in the street so when he threw me an insult right outside my door I wasn’t having any of it.
I called him over and he swaggered towards me, like they do, acting like the big man. He had his hand down his trackies, holding his cock. I know that’s something else those chav lads do but it was a good opportunity to start the ridicule right on my doorstep.

He knew what the deal was right away. He was getting up in my face for his mates watching but he actually asked to come inside. Right then I knew he was gonna be into a good long male muscle domination session. It was great timing for me, I’d just come back from the gym and I hadn’t shot my first load of the day yet.

I let him in, knowing I could take him down if I needed to, but I knew I wouldn’t need to do that because he was begging me to teach him a lesson the second he got through my door. He stood in front of me and dropped his strackies, his stiff cock bounced up, a long string of precum hanging from the tip.

I grabbed him and dragged him into my living room, shoving him down on the floor and telling him how pathetic I thought he was, how he would never be a real man like me. It turns out that was exactly what he wanted to hear. He sat there looking up at me, telling me he was a little bitch while he stroked his cock. He confessed that he needed to be controlled, he was a bad boy who needed a big cock to fuck his face, that my cum was the only thing that could make him a real man.

I walked around him a few times, tore off my t-shirt and started poring oil over my massive body, all the while telling him he was pathetic, a weakling, that he would never become anything unless he learned from a real man like me. He begged to be educated, pleading to see what a real cock looked like.

I stood in front of him and looked down, hauling out my meat and slapping him in the face with it. I smeared my precum all over his lips and slapped him with my dick again, telling him to suck it. His face was so pathetic, looking up at me with pleading eyes. He was soon choking on my dick and beating his meat, gagging on my helmet while I fucked his face and growled down at him that he was gonna swallow all my cum.

He didn’t last very long, his cock started spewing masses of juice out all over my floor. There was so much of it, ropes of hot milky semen splashed between my legs while I continued fucking his face. It gave me another chance to tell him what a pathetic little asshole he was, how real men can stop their cock from cumming that quickly. I pulled my dick out and gave him a few seconds to breathe, just enough for him to tell me that he would cum again for me if I pumped my load down his neck.

He should have known it wasn’t gonna be that easy. I fucked his face some more and made him worship my massive pecs, lick my pits and slurp out my sweaty ass, then made him lick my cock for another fifteen minutes before I was ready to bring our male muscle domination lesson to an end and flood his mouth with my load.
But, just as he promised, he shot another hot mess while he gulped down my seed.

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