Obey your verbal muscle God

He was waiting in his car when I got back from work. He didn’t see me park up and when I approached to tap on the window I caught him watching one of the videos I’d sent him on his phone and wanking his dick. I like seeing that in a submissive man, his desperation to to worship me making his meat rigid and his need to cum almost unbearable.

He’d been coming by ever since he worked up the courage to talk to me at the gym. That’s usually how they find me. They admire me from a distance for a while but eventually they’re drawn in by the sight of my massive, powerful, sculpted body. It helps if they see me naked in the showers, one look at my hard cock after a workout and they all want to worship me.

After catching him in the car I opened the door and pulled him out, telling him not to put his dick away. It was dark enough that none of the neighbors could see, but I told him they could just for that extra bit of humiliation. I even waved to my neighbour’s window telling him that Mike could see his cock and knew what a pathetic man he was, so desperate to get my cum.
I know he likes being humiliated like that, no matter how much he protests. His dick was still out and rigid when I shoved him through my front door, slamming it behind us. A string of precum was dripping from his tip while I inspected him and I told him to taste it, of course he followed orders.

After ordering him to strip naked and sit on his hands on the couch I got started on my own entertainment. He likes a good verbal muscle show, and you know I’m totally down for that. I sacrificed one of my work shirts ripping the buttons off and displaying my awesome body for him, oiling up my pecs while I told him how horny I was, how I hadn’t shot a load for three days, how I was gonna make him take my cum all over his face. I slid my hands all over my tight abs, played with my nipples and reached into my jeans to play with my cock a little while he stared at me.

I know I’m getting him closer and closer when I can see his cock twitching, the tip dabbing at his treasure trail and cock drool leaking down his veiny shaft. I knew he wanted to grab his meat and wank off, but he wasn’t allowed to until I’d done what I wanted.

I knew it wouldn’t take long with him, but I was okay with that, I really hadn’t shot a cum load in a few days and I was just as fucking desperate to shoot. I slid my jeans down and my cock bounced out, I was going commando that day.
His eyes were fixed on my dick as I stroked myself, telling him what a weak man he is, how pathetic everyone thought he was and how much of a pussy he must be to get so hard and horny for my load.

I got closer to him, my thick thighs either side of his legs. He always tries to lean forward and lick my dick when it’s in front of him but I won’t let him, not until he’s begged for it enough.

I’ve made him cum plenty of times before, without either of us touching his dick, so I know when he’s finally had enough and the verbal muscle show needs to end in a natural way.

I like looking down and watching his cock erupt while I’m blasting my cum in his face. As soon as I inch closer, grab him by the chin and start spurting thick cream over his eyes, cheeks and mouth his own cock starts firing off uncontrollably. I like the way he whimpers while I’m coating his face in my man milk, it just sounds right while I’m grunting and slapping my wet cock against his jizzy face.

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