An Oiled Muscle Show At The Gym

So there’s this guy at the gym who likes to watch me. I’ve seen him a few times checking me out and he always follows me into the showers after. He tries to hide the fact that he’s admiring me but I like trying to make eye contact and seeing him quickly look away.

He’s a big guy in his early 20’s, not as big as me of course, but he’s got some good muscle on him. He’s got a big cock too, I’ve seen him hard a few times, sneaking a peek at me in the showers and wanking while he thinks I can’t see. You know I’m almost always hard when I’ve had a good workout so a lot of the guys at the gym have seen me stiff. I’m not a shy guy, so if they wanna look I’m cool with that. It’s fun seeing dicks rising up when guys catch a glimpse of another stiff one.

The tease is one of the best things about it all, knowing I have such easy control over another guy’s cock is a real fucking turn on, but I decided to take it a bit further with this lad last week.

I took some moisturiser with me this time, thinking he might be there. After the shower, and seeing him discreetly trying to wank while he was checking me out, I went out into the locker room and he was soon following me. It was pretty busy, but not so crowded that he couldn’t see me from the bench he was sitting on fifteen feet away.

I never use a towel when I’m walking around at the gym, I don’t get guys who are that shy about things, I just let it all hang out. I grabbed my moisturiser and started on my pecs, knowing that the sight of my oiled muscle body would probably have him staring.

I worked over every inch, smearing it over my abs, my massive shoulders, down my arms. My thick thighs look awesome when they’re glistening like that and he seemed to agree. I could see him in the mirror inside my open locker when I turned to oil up my arse and he was playing with his cock under his towel. None of the other men around him seemed to notice any of this, it was like I was just putting on a teasing show for one dude.

The second I brushed my cock with my slippery hand my dick was harder than ever, probably because I was so turned on being appreciated by a dude slowly stroking himself with all these guys around. I slid my hand up and down my cock, grabbing my balls and tugging on them, making everything greasy and shiny under the bright white lights.

I don’t know if he shot his load under his towel but I think he probably did, you can’t watch an oiled muscle show like the one I put on for him without shooting off. I only played with my hard cock for a few seconds but it seemed to be enough for him. When I wiped up a dribble of my pre with my towel I looked up and he was leaning back with his eyes closed, his hand still under his towel. I guess I got him off pretty well!

I think I’m gonna talk to him next time, see if he wants to come back to my place and worship me properly.

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