Surfer Bottom Buggered Hard

He’d never done anything like it before, but he was mesmerized by my physique. His hands seemed to have a life of their own, he was almost helpless to stop them while they slid the sun cream over my bulging biceps and mountainous pecs, slipping down over my abs to where my red shorts his my growing cock.

It had all started with a simple greeting while he passed on the beach, his “G’day, mate” in a distinctive Aussie accent encouraging me to ask how he ended up in the UK, leading to him explaining how he did my job as a lifeguard for a couple of summers back home.

As usually happens, the conversation progressed to questions about my workout routine, my diet, how I grew and maintain such a dominating physique. He was a clearly fit 25-year-old, gifted in definition and looks, but he was scrawny in comparison to me.
I’m not entirely sure when I knew that I could potentially be fucking his virgin jock arse by the end of the day, but there must have been a moment before I handed him the bottle of lotion when I knew the tent in his shorts was caused more by me rather than any of the gorgeous women we were ogling from my hut on the beach.

I started him out easy enough, once we had the appropriate privacy I showed him my full physique, my cock instantly rigid in appreciation of his attention. He liked the look of it so much he decided to show me his while he stripped naked to playfully compete and attempt to pose in similar fashion. Needless to say, with the two of us naked, our cocks solid and wet with pre, it could only be a matter of minutes before we were stroking them.

I offered my length for his hands to feel, something he eagerly accepted, chuckling while he told me about wanking off a mate on a dare a few years before. His cock felt nice in my hands too, almost 7 inches, pretty thick and with a nice long hood of foreskin over the swollen tip.

Most guys like him never get further than rubbing dicks, but I could see he was different. Maybe he’d always been this curious? I prefer to believe it was the sight of my body that made him so eager to suck a cock for the first time and offer his tight hole.

You should have heard him cry out when I slid my raging Alpha cock between his toned cheeks and pierced his virgin hole for the first time. It was a shock to him, no doubt, but after a few minutes he was bucking underneath my powerful thrusts, his dick throbbing in my hand while I reached around and stroked him, his ass slapping against my thighs as he begged me to fuck him harder and make him cum.

I did exactly that, ramming the load out of him and making his shaft spew hot white cream in a gigantic arc, splashing over the floor of the storage room we’d sequestered for our impromptu fuck.

With the first load pumped from his dick he surprised me with a second, wanking himself on the floor while I blasted my own splashing in his handsome face.

With a little lick of the last of my juice from the tip of my cock he was done. He walked out in stunned silence, but smirking to himself. I knew he’d be looking for more cock like mine, but he’d never find any dude able to fuck him like I had.

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