My veiny muscle cock is pumped

When I walk out of the gym after a great session I always get a lot of attention. I look pumped, ripped, vascular and horny as fuck. My shoulders are huge, my pecs bulging, my thighs stretching out my shorts and my cock growing by the second in anticipation of getting off. It's the best time to find someone to take my veiny muscle cock, no one can refuse it when I look like that. [...]

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He takes my long muscle cock deep

My job can be pretty stressful, but I know how to relax and unwind after a hard day. I used to go to the gym to make use of all that adrenaline but when I have someone to come home and take it out on it's much better. All I need to do is send one of my buddies a text letting him know that my long muscle cock needs a hole to fill and [...]

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My Alpha wrestler cock overpowers you

It's funny when guys think they're as big and powerful as I am and they think they can take me on and somehow win. Not only am I the biggest in town, I'm the strongest, I'm experienced and I know all the moves to take an opponent down. It doesn't matter how talented or fast they think they are in the ring, when they're up against my power they always lose, and my Alpha wrestler [...]

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Straight muscle guy tease

I love it when I hear a buddy of mine talking sex like he's God's gift to women. They do one kinky thing and suddenly they're a sexual genius. Most of the time I let it slide, but this straight muscle guy I work with had been pissing me off all week about getting kinky with his girlfriend and it was driving me insane. All he'd done was have some food play and use ice [...]

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