Muscle strippers private show

I really wasn't sure about getting into performing on stage but when I found out a local group of muscle strippers was looking for another member for the team I kind of made a bet with a buddy of mine and had to at least try out for it. Don't get me wrong, I know I've got the moves, the body and the cock for it, I just didn't think performing on stage was my [...]

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Pleasing a Hard Muscle Daddy

Do you ever check out profiles online and guys on dating apps where they say "under 40 only" and stuff like that? I don't get it. Those guys are missing out on a lot of great cock and some awesome fun with amazing guys. I guess I shouldn't complain, it just means there more experienced muscle daddy dudes for me to enjoy and share my body with. I met a new muscle daddy dude a [...]

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Hotel room muscle fucker

What is it about hotel rooms that gets men horny as fuck? It seems to me loads of guys experience it, it's like going into a locker room or the showers at the gym, something about these places just gets my cock hard and precum dripping and I know I'm not alone in that. It might be because I've had so much fun in these places. Perhaps it's because I have so many good horny [...]

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Always follow the orders of an Alpha male

Last month I met up with a dude who claimed he was just curious about things and thought he wanted to worship a proper alpha. I'm always down for that so I arranged for him to come over one night and let him explore my body while I gave him orders. I knew he was a pretty big guy himself (they usually are) and I think he's got a few guys he likes to dominate [...]

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