Worship my military cock

The military is a place for real men, with powerful bodies, hard cocks and cum-filled balls. There's no room for pussies on my watch. I'm the General, the one in control, the one responsible for leading my men the right way. Because of my leadership skills no one can come close to the level of loyalty I have from my soldiers, and you probably know why. Training my men the traditional way is only part [...]

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Police Officer Cock

Guys love my uniform, the power it signifies does something to them. The uniform is even more impressive when it's on a massive body like mine. I have a nickname at the station. They call me "Tank", and it's not just because of my massive muscled body. They call me that because my police officer cock is always getting hard and standing up like the barrel of a tank gun. They've all seen me after [...]

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I loved reading the details for this custom-made video! The request asked for an Army Officer in full uniform! I’d never done this kind of thing before and it fascinated me because everyone loves a man in uniform and it seems..out of one too... It wasn’t easy finding one that fitted over my huge muscular frame; it was either too tight across my huge pectoral muscles and boulder shoulders, or I couldn’t get the trousers [...]

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