Joshua Armstrong LAID BARE – An Independent Write Up

If real men who love to dominate are your thing (which is all of us, right?), then you're going to love Joshua Armstrong. This handsome and hunky British bodybuilder spends his days working in IT, but by night he's an adult performer with a seemingly instinctual knowledge of how to get his fans hard and horny. I'm a big fan, so of course I wanted to get a post up on the blog supporting his [...]

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I’ve discussed this kind of fetish before. The fantasies that arise from having workmen around the house, or down the road..or anywhere really. The thoughts of how his body may look under his work clothes. How pumped his biceps may be, how big his pecs could be under his work shirt or maybe - just how firm is that big muscle ass? It’s crossed your mind hasn’t it…? I was very happy to receive this [...]

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Some would say that "clothes maketh the man". Once upon a time I would have agreed but having become the ALPHA MUSCLE GOD I’d now say it’s what’s UNDERNEATH the clothes that make this man! Even though this video needed me to wear some pretty understated gear I soon HULKED OUT of it to show exactly what lies beneath; A BODY SENT FROM HEAVEN! I’m in my best condition to date and if you don’t [...]

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Everyone has a fetish. Of that there is no doubt. I’ve found that out through the countless emails and requests I get from you all. I love them!! Some of you love my dinner plate pecs. Others get wet for my shredded, razor-like abs. There are those who ache to touch my magnificent, perfectly shapen glutes. Every body part I have crafted and chiselled to perfection over the years appeals to someone out there but….and [...]

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