There’s alot to be said for the POWER OF PUMPED, HARD MUSCLE…no matter how much you think it can be resisted, if it’s what you truly want you’ll never be able to escape it. This fella thought he could.. But he was wrong... To the outside world it seemed he had everything a man could ever want; a beautiful wife, three amazing children, a comfortable home and a good job. What more could anyone ever [...]

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50 Shades…

Embedded into Youtube but it's really just a small fraction of how HOT this role-play gets between the two video previews available The only way to see it for real is within my INNER CIRCLE Up Next... Joshua's Juicy Nipples

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Youtube preview embedded... HOT preview HERE Submit to my bulging biceps that are barely contained in the XXL leather jacket.. Smart Tight Undies.. Far too see through… In my low cut t shirt teasing you with my nipple, seducing you with my shredded abs… Dominating you into submission with my biceps and alpha cock ;)

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Seduced By The Boy On YouTube

...Alternative HOT preview HERE ;) Gorgeous blonde bombshell moves in next door to you… Advances are made.. How would you deal with it? Explore my Adonis physique with me, rub cream all over my demanding muscular frame. Enjoy the view as I reduce down to the smallest cock pouch ever invented.. I get FAR too excited and rub my cock till Its as hard as steel… I demand you rub that cream on my hard [...]

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