December 2015

My Big Juicy Pecs

December 7th, 2015 6:55 pm|

My training and fitness as a bodybuilder and as your favourite Muscle God depends on the strictest of regimes which I refuse to compromise on. I’ll say that again..this is something I REFUSE to compromise on. I’ve been going to the gym since I was 14 years old and the entire atmosphere, smell and philosophy [...]

August 2015

What A Deluxe Cock You Have Muscle Boy…

August 6th, 2015 2:00 pm|

Having gone out and purchased a high end fine casual shirt for our Jerry... He got what he wanted thats for sure... This was series 3 out of his 4 custom videos... The Finale I am thinking of something very special...

April 2015

Good morning muscle

April 20th, 2015 7:15 am|

In the gym for 5.00am, hamstrings and quads grown and demolished by 6.00am.. Now to fuel the body before I treat my office to my tightest shirt.. And after I treat my office I treat a few fans with their custom videos..!! Morning all!!

50 Shades…

April 14th, 2015 10:00 am|

Embedded into Youtube but it's really just a small fraction of how HOT this role-play gets between the two video previews available The only way to see it for real is within my INNER CIRCLE Up Next... Joshua's Juicy Nipples