My Big Juicy Pecs

My training and fitness as a bodybuilder and as your favourite Muscle God depends on the strictest of regimes which I refuse to compromise on. I’ll say that again..this is something I REFUSE to compromise on.

I’ve been going to the gym since I was 14 years old and the entire atmosphere, smell and philosophy of these places is second nature to me. So are my workouts. People ask me many questions about my training and my diet and one of the most common ones is…what is your favourite body part to train? The answer is simple – I enjoy every single aspect of training and I enjoy working every body part too; boulder shoulders, ripped abs, huge biceps, thick forearms, rippling back and hard glutes all hold power as well as fondness in my training but there’s one particular part of my adonis-like frame that I love to work and grow. It’s the part that I was training just before I started writing this blog in a gym not 20 feet away from me here. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about my highly impressive PECS!

I’ve been told my chest is a work of art. In fact, photographers have wanted to use pictures of it in exhibitions. Sculptors have also approached me about carving into stone the image of my heavenly pecs. I must admit, I love the attention my torso gets from professionals such as them as well as the ordinary person in the street and of course, my thousands of fans too. I wanted to do this blog directly after I had smashed these huge mounds of muscle to bits in the “Iron Palace” – an analogy myself and my fellow bodybuilders use to describe the gym. I wanted to describe how they feel right now, after I’ve blitzed them with heavy weights, multiple reps and constantly improving form to make them the best they have ever been. Here’s the deal – they feel bloody amazing! I love pushing myself and my huge body to the absolute limit and there’s no better way of doing that than on Chest Day! Using dumbbells, barbells and gym machinery, I have devised a chest routine that leaves my pecs pumped, swollen, battered, destroyed and ultimately BEAUTIFUL! The pain of training is compensated by the visual and physical improvements that are constantly being made – I mean to say, just look how good these dinner plates of muscle look! As I sit here writing this for you, I just can’t help running my hands over these massively muscular pectoral muscles in self worship and also self admiration. It sends electricity through my entire body, feeling them like this and maybe just brushing my nipples gently at the same time. They are sexually charged and aching for attention…RIGHT NOW…

It’s now time for me to get home and create another fantasy requested by one of my fans which is, funnily enough all about PECS! I’m pumped. I’m vascular. I’m shredded. I’M READY! Let’s see if you’re ready to for a massively intense muscle worship session with JOSHUA ARMSTRONG, The UK”s GREATEST MUSCLEGOD and his godlike and achingly awesome pectoral muscles!

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