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July 27th, 2016 4:38 pm|Comments Off on VIDEO BLOG – FEED YOU MY SUPER POWER

My strength, attitude and physicality are typical qualities of such beings. I can protect lesser mortals and have the muscular power and determination to fight off any of your enemies! Massive PECS and shredded ABS together with boulder SHOULDERS and killer BICEPS all go towards reaching a simple conclusion; JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is one SUPERHUMAN BEING!

Although I am one amazing specimen of strength and power, it seems the only way I can get out of trouble is by giving you exactly what you want! Come and watch now and see if I really have to….FEED YOU MY SUPER POWER

… I get off on you getting off. […]


July 26th, 2016 5:16 pm|Comments Off on VIDEO BLOG – SUBMISSIVE CONTROL

When I first started hitting the gym I had no idea that it would lead me down the road to becoming the UK’s FAVOURITE MUSCLEGOD and it makes all the hard work and training worthwhile knowing how appreciative you are of me, my work and of physique!

In reading even more of your emails and requests, it seems to me that you are here because you like a real man like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG to be in charge! It’s also obvious that it’s all about the MUSCLE too! This became even more apparent when the idea for my latest video came in from a fan […]


July 21st, 2016 7:53 am|Comments Off on VIDEO BLOG – THRUSTING LIKE AN ANIMAL

Everything about JOSHUA ARMSTRONG exudes power and masculinity! My entire being is one of pure manliness and muscle and I know you love everything about me. When you need a real man, a true alpha beast…A FUCKING HOT MUSCLEGOD..then I know you will always come to me. I am the living embodiment of everything that anyone needs in a man. You want it…and I’ve got it!

Check out my latest video which will show you exactly what a muscular and sexual animal I am! I’m ripped! I’m shredded! My PECS have never been so large and my ABS have never been so deeply cut and defined! […]