Your Alpha muscle top needs a tight hole

A lot of the time the guys who come to worship me are all about exploring my body and cock, obeying my orders and working my meat for me while they admire my power and strength. It’s all about the jacking and sucking for most of them, but you would be surprised how many of those curious submissive guys are willing to go all the way to please a man like me.

Alex is one of those guys. He’s a 21-year-old jock dude who started out admiring me from a distance, checking me out in the showers at the gym, wanking off watching me and then getting closer and asking to feel my body. He’d never done anything with another man before but you know what it’s like when guys see my incredible physique – it’s so easy to seduce them, they’re so weak!

A month later he was oiling me up and sucking my cock, shooting his loads all over my floor while I flooded his mouth with my Alpha cum.

You know a dude like me needs some ass now and then, so when he begged his favorite Alpha muscle top to fuck his virgin hole I didn’t hold back. He wanted to start with some wrestling so we oiled up on the mat I bought for just such an occasion and although he’s a tight little muscle pup he couldn’t contend against a man like me. I was in full control and saying some of the dirtiest stuff you ever heard, and he loved it. His cock was so hard every time I grabbed it he told me to stop because he didn’t want to cum too quickly. He couldn’t even touch my dick without almost going over the edge.

After pinning him down and grinding my slippery cock against him a few times I took the chance to plunge my tip between his snug cheeks and felt his incredibly tight little hole fighting me. With a little more effort I eased inside and he cried out, but within a few seconds he was on his back and stroking his cock while I fucked him hard. I knew my big muscle dick in his ass was hurting him at the start but I didn’t care, his fuckhole was so tight it felt amazing. My balls were so tight and my cock head was spewing precum while I slid in and out of his ass, gabbing his big dick and wanking him off.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of cum he shot, and the second I felt his virgin hole throbbing around my meat my own cock was slipping out and squirting one of my huge loads all over him. It was incredible!

He knows he can come to his favorite Alpha muscle top any time he likes and I’ll use him right. He’s coming over again tomorrow and I’m trying to hold off from shooting a load, I’m gonna see if I can drown him in cum.

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