Chained Up Muscle Cock

From Slightly Submissive.. Wanting to Play Eager To Learn... We forget, Im a natural.. the aggressiveness comes out, I can't stop worshipping my body, every single inch of it My rock hard cock is wrapped up within the chains while I use the leather braces to jack it up and down... My Domination just in the end wants you to CUM and I do not stop until you have blown

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A recent ISH addition.. My First Cock Pouch Purchase :) Full power posing in the tiniest Cock Pouch... Nearly going purple in the face whilst popping out dominating VEINS Pecs are so thick and hard, and my flexibility (for the bedroom.. Is demonstrated) with a first attempt Wrestlers Bridge... Muscles to die for.. Thick wide physique to worship... Lick my V, While I Groove & Gyrate Filthy Cock playing, cum teasing bad muscle boy Josh...

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The tiny cock pouch comes off and before you know it my muscle arse is ground and pounding my workman hard hat after there are no more boxes left to crush... This is some cheeky fun to warm up the weekend, I've got some CORKERS due up, keep tuned :)

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Bear Tear Domination & Humiliation

Verbally And Physically Dominating, Abusing & Humiliating This Defenceless Little Teddy Bear Wiped On My Arse Like The Piece Of Sh1t It Is…

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