Jerking off with a bodybuilder cock buddy

You would be surprised how many men in the world of bodybuilding are really into posing for each other and putting on a show. Appreciation for size, definition and strength is common among competitors at events and even though most of them would never admit it they love checking out a fellow competitor when they get the chance. I have a few great buddies in the business who love it too. They're the guys backstage [...]

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Muscled Lycra man temptation

When you have an incredible God-like body the way I do you need to show it off the right way. I love seeing the looks on guys faces when I'm wearing a tight t-shirt with all my bulges on show, but really I'm a Lycra man. I love the way it feels against my skin, the tight and stretchy fabric hugging my naked flesh, conforming to every ridge and valley of my incredible form. I [...]

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