Everyone has a fetish. Of that there is no doubt. I’ve found that out through the countless emails and requests I get from you all. I love them!! Some of you love my dinner plate pecs. Others get wet for my shredded, razor-like abs. There are those who ache to touch my magnificent, perfectly shapen glutes. Every body part I have crafted and chiselled to perfection over the years appeals to someone out there but….and [...]

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Chained Up Muscle Cock

From Slightly Submissive.. Wanting to Play Eager To Learn... We forget, Im a natural.. the aggressiveness comes out, I can't stop worshipping my body, every single inch of it My rock hard cock is wrapped up within the chains while I use the leather braces to jack it up and down... My Domination just in the end wants you to CUM and I do not stop until you have blown

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