Cream On My Leather

Watch me moisturise my large hunk like physique as I move around caressing the leather as I caress myself and fantasise over YOU… Fantasise over both of us enjoying the leather feel against our knees as you straddle my bottomless jockstrap… I dominate my own cock, I demand it grow, like my body I demand it grow large & FAT… Now all I need is for you to get on the end of it, RIGHT [...]

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Cum Cream Me Up

LIVE IN THE MEMBERS AREA... I am creamed up.. just like you want me.. Rub it allover my biceps, making sure every inch is covered Pecs, nipples down the abs and all crevices are covered and need a lick.. All the rubbing will turn me on... Teasing and playing... Filthy and need you to clean me, with your tongue

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