My hard lifeguard cock will save you

I'm still trying to decide whether you faked it just to be rescued by the sexiest lifeguard you've ever seen, but when I see that bulge growing in your shorts as you lay helpless and out of breath I decide it doesn't matter even if it was a ploy. Anyone determined enough to get my attention like that deserves a performance. Not that I mind at all, I've been checking out plenty of ass on [...]

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Worship my Adonis muscle physique!

I'm a real Adonis muscle man, a bulging hunk of power and domination, no one can ever come close to my incredible physique. Many have tried, but even men like you, with your toned and wiry frame from years of working out at the gym, can't ever hope to achieve what I've achieved. People might think you're buff and built, but next to me you're nothing but a pathetic little weakling. Don't think that because [...]

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Dominating my new muscle slave

I love it when a new muscle slave arrives to worship me, it gives me a chance to impress them and control them for the first time. I had a new guy arrive last week, a guy in his late 20's with a fit body and a big cock. He's new to it all but he knows what he likes and he really enjoys checking out massive men like me at the gym. I guess [...]

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The hottest of Vascular Muscle Men

I've been pushing it hard just for you, knowing you love to see real vascular muscle men flexing and posing, wanking and cumming big loads. After my session at the gym all I can think about is performing for you, getting your adoration, seeing you weak in my presence as I display everything. All my hard work is paying off. My powerful Godlike body is bulging, rock hard, solid to the touch as I go [...]

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