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Dressed in a vest and jeans, in your backyard I am building you’re brick BBQ.

I’ve only nipped into the house for water to mix some cement up to finish up with the last couple of bricks.

I noticed you looking at me through the window.. especially as my bicep is tight as i’m carrying the bricks, and i’ve gotta tell you. It turns me on 😉

I go on to tell you I was voted most muscular bricklayer by everyone back at my employment… You tell me you have an extra liking for most muscular poses. I leave you SPEECHLESS with my dimensions and power.

I drench my self with oil so my muscles glisten as I pose for you.

I pose, over and over and blow you kisses till I’m blue in the face.

The whole situation gets me so turned on i’m left with a hard dick and work left to do, what can I do to get my dick and sex drive back down?

I definitely finish your brick BBQ, and I also leave a bit of ‘personal cement’ in there for you to remember me by.