13:40 (Mins:Sec)

Fuck it, fuck me. Welcome back! Your here to see the altar that is Joshua Armstrong and i’ve been progressing every way possible for you.

I love looking vascular, the more veins the better. I’ve been smashing the carbs, smashing the gym, smashing the cardio and what you are presented with is veins upon veins on top of my shredded massive slabs of muscle.

Everyone loves a vascular man, but the vascularity on a body like mine is just insane. I even take it to the next level, I apply oil for you.

I get so aggressive, I’ve never been so aggressive – the aggression shows as I flex and produce the veins from my pecs delt’s and biceps.

I just don’t stop, I can’t stop. I breath heavy – panting and getting horny and powerful as I keep pumping up to get more and more veins for you.

How do my pecs make your dick feel? Hard? It better fucking do – I’m so aggressive, so cocky and by the end HORNY.

I rip my trousers down and whip my already hard cock out, my cock is throbbing as the veins on my body continue to show, I want nothing more to shoot a massive load of hot cum to go along with my massive roadmap pecs.

As I feel my balls start to go up and the cum is ready to go and by fuck its a big one, I even can’t help but continue to pose, flex while staying hard after an epic cumshot. I wiggle my hips so my hard cock wiggles to it, you won’t believe your eyes 😉