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I am training, training HARD. Pumping my guns with my heavy dumbbells. It isn’t long before you notice me and I notice you back.

I am charming, alluring and I invite you over to feel my incredible muscles (which are all sweaty from my intense workout)

I drag you over to the wrestling mat and display my ALPHA power with nothing more than a strong bear hug.

My ALPHA cocky verbal dominates you throughout. I demand that you do whatever I want.

Before long I am down to my jockstrap, but my jockstrap can’t hide my already hard fat cock.

I force you down on your knees while I jack off into your face, I even allow it that we jerk off together.

My CUM SHOT is immense… It leaves me weak in the knees. But being a MUSCLE GOD true to form each and every one of my god like muscles are still pumped.

It’s not long before I want round two.