13:44 (Mins:Sec)

There is nothing as hot as tight lycra on a shredded bulging muscle hunk, so the fact I wear it for you. How does it make you feel?

Let us both go around my body, feel every shredded bulge, groove and describe how it makes you feel.

When you come to see me I want to make you have a few feelings, safe, protected, sexy, wanted and HORNY!

All I ask is you stroke and feel where I ask, count my abs and compliment them. Lift up my top and see I’m naked down below.

While your touching my cock slowly, getting it harder feeling my muscles underneath my lycra and I expect the same from you, I want to see your cock throbbing, pumping and getting to the edge.

I do all of this for you and all I ask is we cum at exactly the same time, not before, not after. But together.