16:20 (Mins:Sec)

I am a lucky farmhand, thankful to have a great employer like yourself, treats me with respect and pays me well.

I’ve always had a thing for you, though. But i’ve never known the truth, the truth that you’ve been staring at me while I lift heavy on the fields, staring at my muscles through my very skimpy dungarees.

I invite you back to my house on the farm, and try to seduce you. I only went for it because I notice you looking at me more, and more as time has gone on.

After you explain that you enjoy looking at my muscular body while I work hard for you, I could think of nothing better than to show it off for you, to oil myself up to you and let my abs and pecs glisten as I bounce them before your eyes.

I want to see your body too, I ask you to undress, in fact I just undress you as I undress myself.

I want my cock in my hand and your dick in yours while we stroke our cocks together. I want our cocks pressed together while we look into each other’s eyes as we stroke.

After we cum at the same time, cocks pressed together I tell you this isn’t the only time I want you to come visit me.