12:15 (Mins:Sec)

My favourite thing about training hard is letting my clothes and body get sweaty, letting the sweat drip from my gorgeous sensitive nipples.

What am I going to make you do with my sweat? It’s not really question, it’s a demand.

I love my body to be worshipped and i’m not one to waste things.

I’ve prepared a sweat patch for you right over the top of my cock.

I’m simply allowing you the opportunity to be a better man.

I don’t want waste, I want you to lick it all up, drink it and absorb it and make yourself like me.

As you’ve been a good boy, and not wasted my sweat, you get rewarded with something else.

Would you like it if I whipped my cock out, and stuck it down the back of your throat? It’s my cum you get to drink, too.