10:15 (Mins:Sec) (Mins:Sec)

Straight after another exploration of my muscle with someone.

I thought I’d show you how Ive been left, how I have been left feeling, which is FAR too dominant and FAR too horny..

The ENTIRE world can see us, as the room we are in – has no curtains – the outside word has FULL visibility to my naked, muscular body.

I sort an arrangement of pillows on the floor to lay on comfortably, but to my surprise they were suede, the feel of the suede on my already nylon pants really makes me turn it up a notch.

With the sexy suede I rub my hard cock down the side of the pillow and moan louder, and LOUDER… and LOUDER!

By this point your tight little asshole will already feel entered, your prostate already feel touched.

We cum.. TOGETHER, combined, then I can’t help but eat it all up 😉