15:48 (Mins:Sec)

I never forgot the way you used to look at me in school, the way you used to make me feel. It made me feel special and I am sorry that I never acted on it, or allowed you to act on it. I’m sorry but let me make it up to you.

I had to take you home from the school reunion as quick as possible, I can’t wait to make up on missed time.

We undress, we oil, we caress each other remembering the old times that should have been. If I knew you were going to make me feel this good, I’d of let you feel me up allover much sooner

I notice your dick gets hard in your pants, I want to see it, i’ve always wanted to see it. I’ve just never told you. Just the sight and thought of your cock getting hard gets mine even harder, tasting your cock around my mouth makes me think even more of the times that should have been. Now taste mine…