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Everyone needs to be fucked hard at some point in their life. A fuck from a real MAN.

You need a real good rough fuck at the end of this working week, I know you would love my god like body sweating allover you.

Theres no ifs, no buts. Only you and me, and you doing as your told.

Slip my converse jacket off, pull my under armour vest over my head then prepare for me to take you by force

Dirty, filthy aggressive verbal as I spit around your hole preparing it for my aggressive cock.

Standing over you with all my clothes off makes me feel so dominant, and as I make you undress, it makes you feel submitted to me.

I tense, I get cocky and I gloat that I know I’ve got you where I want you. Now is the part you do exactly as you’re told.

I’m going to grab you by the back of the neck and smash you hard, angle you the way I want you so my dick is firmly imprinted into your prostate giving you the mother of all cum’s. Everyone needs a real hard fuck, I’m gonna give you yours.

Feel my cum shoot up your ass and drip out as I gloat victorious as I know you’re satisfied beyond belief…