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Starting in my football shorts exploding with massive front and rear chest and lat spreads, showing you every inch of my hot muscle.

Verbal masculinity defined as I describe how much I can lift, with ease.

I spit, I grunt I moan loud!

You and forced to experience what a REAL man smells like, what real armpits smell like

My legs are a tool, I show off my quads and how I can use them to challenge anyone who think they can come near to me.

When I wrestle I inflict pain, I can snap an inferior males head between my legs, as easily demonstrated by a watermelon between my quads, see the head pop like it is practice on an opponent.

Nobody messes with me when I am feeling like a pure ANIMAL, my huge thick cock is ready to ping out of my briefs as I lie back on the bed and cum straight up into the air. Its all collected on my abs ready for your inferior self to lick it clean…