25:44 (Mins:Sec)

I’m an absolute utter animal, from squats to squeezing bananas with my glutes!

I squat in my cargo pants up close just like it was right over your face!

I give you one hell of a hot hardcore flexing show full of grunting, aggression and power!

I’d show you what would happen to your cock if it went near my hard arse! I am a masculine god and I will show you the damage!

While on my bed you can feel my power, how strong my quads are and what happens if you try wrestle with me!

Showing off in my bodybuilding posers I am utterly filthy, talking vile even spitting as I jerk off on top of your inferior little face.

You get to experience a real man, from my masculine presence to my muscular pits.

Experience what it would be like to be pumped in the arse with a donkey dick like mine!