13:52 (Mins:Sec)

You walk into my office and tell me you are in need of my help, you are a student in my class but after yesterday’s lecture you are still not fully aware how the muscular system works.

You are very adamant to learn more, it’s almost annoying, you ask for a demonstration of how each muscle works. I don’t have any of my notes or power points so I decide to use my own body to show you.

I flex one muscle to another describing how it moves and works and what it’s called, the longer this goes on the longer I realise you want something else. It strikes me what you really want when you ask me about the one muscle that’s left to see…

I finally figure why you asked, and also why you sit on the front row of class everyday!

You ask to receive some extra credits, I can give you extra credit’s alright.. In the shape of my muscular rock hard cock!