You ever wanted total, submission to an alpha master? I am that GOD you crave.

I am here to force you into submitting to me, I have the most violent aggressive sexual tendencies and my dominance is the outlet in displaying this…

Look into my eyes as I prepare you verbally for the physical domination that is about to endure

If you can honestly tell me you can resist from submitting then I don’t f*king believe you.

Every day you have dreamt as a little boy someone like me will own you, control you. That day is today.

My MASCULINE pumped adonis frame plays with your tight little asshole, I tease it, I spit on it, I play with it with my finger and my tongue…

This is just to loosen everything up before I punish your tight little asshole with my FAT adonis cock..

Your going to give me it whether you want to or not..

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