14:54 (Mins:Sec)

Do you know what it feels like to be under complete control of a real muscle man?

It’s a beautiful thing because all your will and power is sapped into me where it belongs.

I demand worship, and I reward well.

It fuels my massive muscles when you submit to me, so go ahead and just do it. The reward will be beyond your wildest dreams.

I can use any one of muscles on my body to have you do my bidding, and it may change depending on how i’m feeling.

Today you will be making me stronger, you will be making my biceps wider, my core more powerful.

It begins by you oiling me up as instructed, before worshipping every inch of my frame from head to toe.

I feel your will disappear into my glorious shredded muscle body, and at this point it’s time for you to make that dick of mine get rock hard.

Drink this you little….