12:31 (Mins:Sec)

Its my favourite night of the week, the night I invite you round and we snuggle up on the sofa and chill!

That’s what I thought was going to happen anyway!

I LOVE movie night, especially when it’s with you, the way you look at me when the film is on just makes me happy.

Turns out you’re more interested in looking at me, than what’s on the big TV.

I give you a little demonstration of my shredded, sexy body before movie night begins – as I always do, and before we begin as always you want a little bit of muscle worship!!

I want movie night, you want my muscles, who’s going to win? You obviously!

I tense each and every one of my muscles one by one, and as you do, I can see your cock growing.

Fuck me that turns me on so much, I can’t help but ask for a kiss, and ask to touch it. It doesn’t take long of you playing with your cock before i’m desperate to play with mine.